Laura Bowman

​​​Dallas, GA artist, Laura Bowman, knew that she wanted to be an artist from an early age.  "I've been covered in paint for as long as I can remember," she says.  Laura graduated from the College of New Rochelle with  a degree in Art Therapy.  On the road to becoming a self-supporting artist, she worked as an art therapist, graphic designer, bartender, muralist, door-to-door art salesman among other fabulous jobs.  

Laura has continued to evolve in her artistic pursuits.  She began her career as a landscape painter and got her break after signing on with Modern Primitive Gallery in Virginia Highlands, GA.  From there she branched out into galleries across the U.S.

​In 2005 Laura decided to shift gears a little.  She wanted to access a more emotional and spiritual depth within her paintings.  Her goal was to introduce a personal connection with the painting and viewer.  Laura learned and is still practicing to listen to God for guidance and to put those feelings into art.  She loves the relationship that is created when a viewer connects to a piece of art on a deep level.  

Laura delights in the process of creating art from the beginning to the finish.  She builds her own painting panels in her workshop and adores her tools.  Often Laura can be found experimenting with new artistic techniques and gadgets.   Laura’s unique style blends multi-layered compositions with monochromatic hues and carefully selected color.  She loves capturing the play of light on and within her subjects. 

Laura paints mostly in acrylic and encaustic mediums on wood panel.  Her landscape and figurative paintings focus on the themes of spirituality, peace and coexistence with God.  Laura's paintings reflect the apparent and hidden beauty that surrounds us all.